Short waiting times phlebology

Short waiting times phlebology

Jan van Goyen Medical Center specializes in the treatment of varicose veins. Our phlebology team consists of a phlebologist, a dermatologist and a surgeon. It is not always easy for you as a general practitioner to distinguish between medical and cosmetic varicose veins. The insurer therefore always reimburses the first consultation.

The doctors in our team have the expertise to use a duplex examination to map the vessels during the first consultation and to identify where the valves are not functioning properly. Something that initially appears to be cosmetic may well be due to a medical problem. 

After the examination, the doctor draws up a treatment plan and discusses it directly with the patient. Patients can then be referred to the surgeon, who can effectively treat varicose veins with current endovenous techniques (laser, RF/VNUS, Clarivein). This falls under the insured care. If there is no indication for surgery, varicose veins are often treated by means of sclerocompression therapy (injection of varicose veins). This is done with aethoxysclerol, both in liquid and foam form. This often concerns uninsured care.

The operative/endovenous treatments are suitable to be carried out in the spring/summer, so that the increasing complaints improve in the summer. Patients only wear the stocking for 24 hours. Sclerotherapy will follow in the autumn.

Good to know is that there are short waiting times in our center! 


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