Teleconsultation dermatology

Teleconsultation dermatology

Dermatologists Annelinde Terlou, Bas Wind and Annigje Jensema can also be reached quickly and easily via teleconsultation (Ksyos and Zorgdomein). General practitioners can send a consultation digitally to the dermatologists at any time and they will answer it as soon as possible. Teleconsultation is a form of 1.5-line care and only applies to non-urgent questions. The advantage is that the patient does not have to come for a consultation. The dermatologists see this as an additional service for the patients.

Add dermatologists in your Ksyos account:

Under the “settings” button in the top right corner of the Ksyos Account, you can search for your own specialist at the relevant service and click on “add”. You can search by name or location of the specialist, or by hospital. If you are unable to find a solution or if your specialist is not listed, please contact the Ksyos helpdesk: 020 – 600 00 60 or

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