Phone card

Phone card

Polyclinic telephone numbers. For you as a referrer it is good to know that we have our own referrer line per outpatient clinic, so that you can reach us quickly and get the right department on the phone immediately. Below you will find the telephone numbers per outpatient clinic:

General020 3055 800
Dermatology020 3055 864
Gynecology020 3055 846
Internal Medicine020 3055 885
ENT020 3055 826
OR planning020 3055 824
Ophthalmology020 3055 807
Orthopaedics020 3055 857
Pain management020 3055 853
Plastic surgery020 3055 861
Proctology020 3055 844
Radiology020 3055 870

Teleconsultation via Ksyos and Zorgdomein

Our dermatologists can also be reached via teleconsultation (Ksyos and Zorgdomein). General practitioners can send a consultation digitally to the dermatologists at any time and they will answer it as soon as possible (<24 hours). Teleconsultation is a form of 1.5-line care and only applies to non-urgent questions. The advantage is that the patient does not have to come for a consultation.

Short consultation via Siilo app

A large part of our specialists can also be reached via the Siilo app. Consulting specialists via the Siilo app is only intended for general practitioners to consult quickly and briefly. The advantage of Siilo is that messages are encrypted, so that outsiders can never access this information. Find our specialists and add them to your Siilo network.


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