Looking back on the anniversary symposium 'Shoulder care in the right place'

Looking back on the anniversary symposium 'Shoulder care in the right place'

Shoulder network Amsterdam region (SNA) exists 10 years and that was celebrated in collaboration with Medical Center Jan van Goyen with a lustrum symposium. More than 150 general practitioners, physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons and SNA members gathered at the OLVG on Thursday 23 May to receive additional training in the world of diagnosis, treatment and referral policy for rotator cuff tendinopathy.

The program focused on the theme 'Shoulder care in the right place'. Topics covered were: 'Tendinitis calcarea' by Jan Louwerens (orthopaedist), 'Posterior Superior Impingment (PSI)' by Hilda Nes (physiotherapist), 'Tendinopathy; The meaning of ultrasound' by Jeroen van der Doef (physiotherapist), 'Massive cuff tears; conservative' by Jan Peter Valk (physiotherapist), 'Rotator cuff tears; operative' by Michel van den Bekerom (orthopaedist) and 'Irreparable rotator cuff and now?' by Miquel Sewnath (orthopaedist). The program ended with a panel discussion between GP, physiotherapist and medical specialist. 

The symposium committee looks back with pride on a successful, well-attended evening. There was a pleasant, open atmosphere and the presentations went well. While enjoying a snack, drink and under the musical accompaniment of Nick, Simon and Sergio, we talked for a long time.


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