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Male-pattern hair loss with women

Hair loss of the ‘male pattern’ (androgenetic alopecia) can also occur with women and it can be experienced as very stressful and disturbing. This type of hair loss can be treated well when the woman has not yet reached the menopause.

What is it?

Besides female hormones, women also have male hormones (testosterone) in their blood. With some women, the hair roots are very sensitive to testosterone, which causes the hair loss. This is called male-pattern hair loss.

How does it develop?

  • The hair roots (especially those on the top of the head) are sensitive to an increased level of testosterone.
  • Hormonal deviations which will also cause other symptoms, such as an irregular menstruation or no menstruation at all, and excessive hair growth. When this is the case, we will do a hormone screening.


Treatment of hair loss with women in or after the menopause is often not possible. In some cases, the physician can prescribe the medicine Androcur. But even then, there is only a small chance that the treatment will be effective. You may also get Minoxidil lotion. This can reduce the hair loss and enable the growth of small, fine hairs. Not every patient benefits from this lotion and it is not reimbursed by the health insurer.

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