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The gynaecology department at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen only works with highly experienced gynaecologists who are in close contact with the other hospitals in and around Amsterdam. Our gynaecologists  plan sufficient time to see each patient and aim to perform the necessary procedures during the first consultation. 

The Gynaecology outpatient clinic focuses on the woman who has gynaecological complaints, disorders, or questions, by which  our integral approach and personal attention are key. In addition to our two gynaecologists, we also have a specialist nurse and registered ultrasound operator (sonographer). Our waiting times for the outpatient clinic and gynaecological procedures and surgeries are generally very short. We do not perform prenatal care.

Before you make an appointment, you need to have a referral from your GP. When you are not referred and you still would like to see one of our gynaecologists, the consultation will be at your own expense.


  • a cervical smear when the regular PAP screening showed an abnormal result, colposcopy, loop excision, and cervical conisation.
  • disorders or complaints of the vulva
  • contraception advice and the placement of IUDs (no sterilisation).
  • Venereal diseases and inflammation of the Fallopian tubes (salpingitis)
  • menstruation complaints and severe bleeding
  • chronic stomach ache
  • menopause complaints and postmenopausal bleeding
  • sexual problems
  • transvaginal ultrasound
  • vaginal discharge or inflammations
  • prolapse and/or incontinence complaints
  • fertility problems and limited treatment of anovulation (clomifene)


You can come to us when you, or another specialist or health insurer, would like to have a second opinion on a gynaecological problem.

You can make an appointment when you have complaints such as pain in the lower abdominal area. A multidisciplinary approach with a physiotherapist, psychologist, and/or sexual therapist is often required and possible. When necessary, and after consultation with your GP, you can have an appointment with one of our other specialists, such as the internist, at short notice.

A multidisciplinary approach may also be an option in case of sexual problems. Talking about these complaints and discussing them after receiving adequate information can sometimes already be very effective. The same applies to menopause complaints.

We provide expert advice on contraception and you can also come to us for the placement of an IUD. These are available at the outpatient clinic.

We further diagnose and set up a treatment plan when you suffer from recurring abnormal vaginal discharge, inflammations, warts, and possible venereal diseases. Our in-house internists also regularly refer HIV patients.

When you have fertility problems, you and your partner can come to us for further examination after which we can make a treatment proposal or refer you to a care institution that can offer more adequate treatment.

Needless to say that you can always make an appointment when you have other complaints for which your GP believes that you should see a gynaecologist.

Further information about various diseases or problems can be obtained with the NVOG (Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology).


After you explained your problem and we have obtained all the information, we will usually conduct an examination. After we have felt, patted, and listened to your abdomen, the gynaecologist may insert a speculum to open the vagina after which the cervix can be checked and a cervical smear or culture samples can be taken.

We usually also conduct an internal vaginal examination. The gynaecologist will insert 2 fingers into the vagina while pressing on the lower abdomen with the other hand. This is done to check the position and size of the uterus and ovaries.

When you come to us after receiving an abnormal result of the regular PAP screening, we will do a colposcopic examination. After placing the speculum, a fluid is sprayed on the cervix after which the cervix is checked with the use of a colposcope (a special type of microscope). When necessary, some tissue samples may be taken for further examination.

We can also perform an ultrasound examination via the vagina and/or abdomen. This will give an image of the uterus and ovaries as well as a possible early pregnancy.

When we suspect certain abnormalities and an ultrasound examination does not provide sufficient information, we can conduct further examination to come to a diagnosis by, for example, a contrast-enhanced ultrasound. For this examination, a liquid or gel is inserted into the uterus which will increase the visibility of abnormalities in the cervix.

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has high-quality equipment, an excellent laboratory, and an excellent radiography and ultrasound department. When necessary, you can also see one of our other specialists for additional consultation.


After having made the diagnosis, the gynaecologist will explain everything to you and, together with you, decide on a treatment plan which may include medication, a minor procedure, surgery, or a referral.

We collaborate closely with physiotherapists, a sex therapist, and a psychologist, meaning that we can refer you at short notice.

Procedures and surgeries which are conducted by the physicians at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen include:

  • removal of abnormalities on the labia or vagina;
  • removal of abnormalities on the cervix;

Most of the procedures can be done in our outpatient clinic under a local anaesthesia. A general anaesthesia can also be given when this is necessary. You can either go home the same day, after the procedure, or you will spend the night at the clinic.


When your GP has informed that your regular PAP screening shows some abnormal cells and further examination is required, you can have an appointment with our gynaecologists at very short notice. Here you can read more about the procedure.


Our gynaecology department at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen works in compliance with the guidelines established by the Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NVOG).

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To make an appointment, please contact us via telephone number 020 – 3055 845. You can reach us during office hours between 08:30 – 17:00 hours.

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