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Ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT)

As the name already explains, the ear, nose, and throat (also called otorhinolaryngology) physician deals with the treatment of diseases and conditions on the ears, nose, and throat, but also with the other aspects of the head and neck area, such as tumours in the face and neck, snoring, or sleeping disorders. Our ENT specialists at also perform surgical and outpatient procedures and we  have an experienced audiometrist.


  • the throat and vocal cords;
  • the nose and sinuses;
  • the ears and vestibular system;
  • lymph nodes of the head-neck area and salivary glands;
  • all other mucous membranes in the head-neck area.

 Complaints can include:

  • Lump in the throat
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing impairment
  • Throat infection
  • Hay fever
  • Ear discharge
  • Sinus problems
  • Nosebleeds
  • Smell or taste disorders
  • Second opinion
  • Sleeping and snoring problems
  • Voice disorders
  • Blocked nose

You can find more information about the various conditions on the information page of the Dutch Society for Otorhinolaryngology: http://www.kno.nl/index.php/patienten-informatie

In this video, Dr. Lenka Vermeeren and patient Rob Spierings explain more about the treatment of an ear infection.


When we have a good image of your complaints, we conduct a further ENT examination: we check the ear with a microscope, inspect the nose and throat using a headlamp and a few other instruments, and we check the throat to see whether there are enlarged lymph nodes or other possible deviations. In some case, for example when the patient complaints of hoarseness, we can also check the throat and vocal cords using a flexible laryngoscope. During this examination, a thin tube containing a camera is inserted via the nose so we can look deeper into the throat.

In addition to the general ENT examination, we can also do tests such as:

  • allergy tests
  • hearing tests
  • sleep screening at home, called a polysomnography
  • sleep examination under sedation

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen has an excellently equipped laboratory and we can also perform ultrasound examinations of the throat or salivary glands. For other diagnostics or treatments, for which we are not equipped, we will refer you to the OLVG where you can go at short notice.


After the ENT specialist has made the diagnosis, we will further explain your condition and talk you through the treatment options. In consultation with you, a treatment plan will be established which can include medication, a small procedure, surgery, or a referral.

Procedures and treatments that will be carried out at MC Jan van Goyen are:

  • placement of tympanostomy tubes with adults
  • stemming or cauterising nosebleeds
  • lingual frenectomy (tongue-tie release) with children or adults
  • removal of small skin or mucous membrane abnormalities
  • sleep endoscopy
  • nose surgery
  • removal of facial skin tumours

Some procedures can be done under a local anaesthesia, but the MC Jan van Goyen also has a fully equipped operating theatre where we conduct surgeries under general anaesthesia.

Why Medical Centre Jan van Goyen?

The ENT specialists at the Medical Centre Jan van Goyen distinguish themselves from other ENT specialists in and around Amsterdam because:

  • we have very short waiting times
  • you will always see the same ENT specialist
  • we collaborate closely with the OLVG (both West and East locations)
  • we have an ENT specialist who is specialised in sleep-related breathing disorders, as well as one who is specialised in facial surgery.
  • hearing tests can be done on location
  • we offer sleep screenings (to exclude, for example, sleep apnoea) at your own home
  • we will do our utmost to arrange for the sleep screening within two weeks after your consultation with the ENT specialist
  • we have multilingual ENT specialists
  • we can perform certain procedures on location
  • we have very short waiting times

We aim for short waiting times, for the consultation at our outpatient clinic as well as for a hearing test, sleep screening, or surgery.

It is our objective that you will always see the same ENT specialist. You can also ask us to make sure that you do. Should you need surgery, then your own ENT specialist will perform this surgery and he or she will also take care of the aftercare. In some cases, the ENT specialist will advise you to see another ENT specialist who is specialised in your particular condition. As we are not a training hospital, you will not be seen or treated by a doctor or specialist in training.

Medical Centre Jan van Goyen is part of the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam (both West and East locations). Both of our specialists also work at the OLVG.

Dr. Vermeeren is a specialist when it comes to facial surgery and rhinology, while Dr. Ravesloot has a special interest in sleep-related breathing disorder and rhinology.

The hearing tests can be done on Tuesday. They are not conducted by the doctor’s assistant but by an experienced audiometrist. The examination will take approximately 30 minutes and consists of an extensive tone and speech audiogram including masking and, when necessary, additional tests.

When possible, we always try to combine the first consultation for hearing loss with a hearing test.

When there is an indication that a sleep screening is required because the specialist suspects that you may suffer from a sleep-related breathing disorder, you will not have to sleep at Medical Centre Jan van Goyen. One of our nurses will come to your house to attach the measurement equipment and the accompanying sensors, so you can sleep at home and in your own bed. The equipment will be collected the following day.

Shortly after your consultation with the ENT specialist, we will contact you by phone to make an appointment for the sleep screening. The screening report will be sent to your specialist within a few days. We strive to arrange for all this within two weeks.

You can communicate perfectly with our specialists in Dutch, English (Vermeeren, Ravesloot) French (Ravesloot), and German (Ravesloot).

U kunt van maandag t/m vrijdag tussen 8.30 en 17.00 uur bellen voor een afspraak.  
U heeft een verwijzing van uw huisarts nodig.
Op maandagavond kunt u ook van 17.30 tot 19.30 uur terecht bij de afdeling KNO.
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