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Costs and insurance

Appointments and reimbursements from health insurance

The Jan van Goyen Medical Centre collaborates with the OLVG and has contracts with almost* all health insurers.

Declarations for all other health insurers are dealt with via the OLVG. The contract agreements that the medical centre has with these insurers form part of the agreements between the OLVG and these insurers.

Health insurance and gp referral
The Jan van Goyen MC has contracts with almost* all the health insurers. Most treatments that the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre carries out are reimbursed by your insurance company. Nonetheless, we recommend you to check with your insurance company in advance whether a treatment will be reimbursed. To be considered for reimbursement, you require a referral from your GP or doctor.

*Exception: from 2020 you can’t come to us with the Gewoon ZEKUR policy, find here where you can go.  

What does the jan van goyen medical centre do for you?
Reimbursement for care in the supplementary package must be requested from your insurer. The medical centre can help you in this, for example by requesting authorisation for certain treatments. You must always pay the standard excess yourself.

The treatment is declared as diagnosis-treatment combination
The treatment is declared in its entirety in the form of a diagnosis-treatment combination (DBC). This includes all healthcare activities that the hospital and medical specialist conduct to establish the diagnosis and also the associated treatment. This system is a legal funding system that has been applied in the Netherlands since 2005. If there are multiple operations or a long-term series of check-ups, multiple combinations (dbcs) will be declared. For each DBC, a separate price has been agreed with the insurers.

DBC price
Each DBC has its own (combined) price comprising the specialist’s salary and the hospital’s costs. For the treatments, we make price agreements with the health insurers; this means that our prices may differ from those of other care institutions.

Standard price
The price of a DBC represents the average costs of the care process that patients with the same diagnosis and treatment have undergone. There are patients who require less care than average, while some require more. The same standard price that is listed for the particular DBC applies to everyone. It can therefore happen that you pay for treatments or examinations that you did not receive, but that do come within the treatment course defined in the DBC.

Incidental prices
In exceptional cases, it may happen that your health insurer does not have a contract with the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre. In this case, there is the chance that you will have to pay for the treatment (or part of it) yourself. Your policy conditions are the leading factor in this The prices the Jan van Goyen MC charges, if your health insurer has no contract with us, are shown in the Incidental Price List 2020 of the OLVG (of which the Jan van Goyen MC is part).

Explanation of the invoice

Declaration code and care product code
All dbcs lead to a particular care product. The care product is indicated on the invoice by a nine-digit code. On your invoice, next to the care product code, you will also see a six-digit code: the declaration code.

Legal excess
The government defines a legal excess annually. When the first statement of the year arrives at the health insurer, they recover part of the costs from the patient. If the invoice is for less than the defined sum, part of the excess remains. This will be recovered when the next invoice arrives.

Change to reimbursement for varicose vein treatment
From 1 January 2012, a referral letter for the first consultation, including vessel examination (duplex ultrasound), is mandatory in connection with reimbursement for it. Without a referral letter, these costs will be charged to your own account.
After the vessel examination, it is known whether the treatment is medical or cosmetic. If it is a cosmetic treatment, you must pay for it yourself.This also applies to the support stockings. If it is a medical treatment, the costs are submitted to your insurer.

More information
For more information about the procedures, prices and other matters, please contact the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA). You may also consult the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) website. Do you have any questions about reimbursement for your treatment? Then please contact your health insurer. Many of your questions will also be answered on the website www.dezorgnota.nl.

For other questions about your invoice or payment, please contact the accounts receivable department from Monday to Friday (from 09:00 to 17:00), phone number 020-3055808, or send an e-mail to debiteuren@jvg.nl.

Care not insured as basic care
As well as insured care, the Jan van Goyen Medical Centre also offers you specialised medical care that is not part of the basic care insurance package. Check your insurer’s policy conditions to determine whether you come into consideration for reimbursement.

Not medically necessary?
Care without medical necessity (for example cosmetic surgery) is never reimbursed from basic insurance. You will therefore have to pay for this healthcare yourself. This care is supplied by the Jan van Goyen Aesthetic Centre where you receive healthcare from our own medical specialists. We apply the same quality and safety standards to this care.