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Removal of skin spots

The removal (excision) of skin spots is one of the most performed procedures to remove disturbing and/or disfiguring spots such as moles, warts, fibroids, etc. The spot is surgically removed and stitched.

The treatment starts with cleaning the treatment area with a disinfectant. The plastic surgeon then marks the area he needs to work on and administer a local anaesthesia. The injecting of the sedation fluid can sometimes give a somewhat burning sensation. The skin can also temporarily become a bit swollen and pale in colour. The treatment area is protected with a sterile cloth. The surgeon will cut into the skin along the marked area and the piece of skin is removed down to the subcutaneous fat tissue. Small blood vessels that start to bleed will be seared. The edges around the wound will then be stitched or taped together. During the procedure, you will feel that the plastic surgeon is doing something but you will not experience any pain.

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