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How to make contact?

Are you a GP or other referrer? This page contains the most important information about how to reach us and the contact options.

For you, as a referrer, it is good to know that we have dedicated phone numbers per department/clinic, so you will be able to reach the right department quickly and directly. Please find the list of phone numbers per department/clinic below:

General number020 3055 800
Dermatology020 3055 864
Gynaecology020 3055 846
Internal Medicine020 3055 885
ENT020 3055 826
OT planning020 3055 824
Ophthalmology020 3055 807
Orthopaedics020 3055 857
Pain Management020 3055 823
Plastic Surgery020 3055 861
Proctology020 3055 844
Radiology020 3055 870

Costs and insurances

Medical Centre collaborates closely with the OLVG and has contracts with all health insurers. The reimbursement arrangements are as follows:

Expense statements from Zilveren Kruis/Achmea and all other insurers falling under Zilveren Kruis such as: FBTO, Interpolis, Avero/Achmea, Inshared and OZF are processed through the MC Jan van Goyen;

Expense statements from all other health insurers are processed through the OLVG. The contractual agreements the medical centre has with these insurers are part of the agreements between the OLVG and these insurers.

Zorgdomein and Edifact

In order to support the referral process and to ensure that the care trajectories are organised in the most efficient manner, MC Jan van Goyen works with the digital referral and requests application ZorgDomein. With ZorgDomein, you can request the patient’s visit and send the referral letter digitally. ZorgDomein contains an overview of the referral indications. The referral application ZorgDomein supports you as a GP during the process of referral to follow-up care.